Grease of high-Favorit LC

High-temperature grease “FAVORIT LC” is applicable for the lubrication of friction and rolling bearings, cardan joints and chassis of cars, heavy trucks and buses. The grease can be used to service equipment at construction sites and mines, as well as agricultural machinery, such as tractors, excavators, primarily anti-friction bearings, bushings and all sliding surfaces that are subjected to moderate loads and high temperatures. It has excellent anti-corrosion properties and high mechanical stability. Water resistant.

The grease can be used as a mortgage in ball and roller bearings, the working conditions of which are characterized by the following parameters:

node temperature - from minus 30 ° С to plus 150 ° С;
environmental humidity - up to 90%;
Duration of work - around the clock, stop on preventive maintenance between shifts is allowed.

Storage conditions
Store in a tightly closed container at a temperature between -30°С to +30°С in a dry protected from direct sunlight place, away from source of ignition.
The data provided is based on standard laboratory tests and given only as a reference. The indicators can vary within the permissible range.

Shelf time: 5 years (see the production date on package).

0.4 kg., Cartridge EuroKartuschen Pull-off;
0.8 kg., metal bucket;
4.5 kg., metal bucket;
18.0 kg., metal bucket;
180 kg., metal barrel.