Favorit Super М8В-М 20W-20 (API SD/CB)

Universal all-season engine oils M-8B designed for use in medium-boosted carbureted gasoline engines and naturally aspirated diesel engines of cars and trucks. Recommended for use as winter oils for medium-powered automotive diesel engines. They are made on the basis of mineral base oils with the addition of an effective additive composition.


They provide reliable engine start-up during the winter period of operation, have good washing properties, providing a high level of cylinder cleanliness. The oil has good antioxidant, anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties and reduce carbon formation, stability at high temperatures.

Storage conditions
Store in a tightly closed container at a temperature between -30°С to +30°С in a dry protected from direct sunlight place, away from source of ignition.
The data provided is based on standard laboratory tests and given only as a reference. The indicators can vary within the permissible range.

Shelf time: 5 years (see the production date on package).